Manta Poker Jumbo Automatic Brushless

Robust and solid machine. It cuts both length ways (X axis) and cross ways (Y axis). The head traverse is driven by means of the CNC touch screen integrated in the hanging panel on board of the machine with simple and intuitive interface. The main features are: X Axis Traverse: 3500 mm; Y Axis Traverse: 1830 mm. Z Axis Raise: 270 mm. Cutting head speed driven by drive and brushless motors. Manual C Axis rotation at 3 fixed positions: 0, 90, 180 degree and head manual inclination with display to visualize the degrees. Standard features: single cut; A Axis crosscut interpolated with X or Y Axis; multi-cut on X and Y Axis; grinding with blade and possibility to realize an inclined plane. Complying with CE standards. Barriers or other protections are prerogative of the respective state regulations.


Technical Data

150765 FRESA MANTA POKER JUMBO AUTOMATIC BRUSHLESS 450 – 40 1400 8 – 400 3500 400 150 546x220x217 2100
* voltage and power on request
The technical data herein mentioned are non-binding. They are for your guidance, only.
NUOVA MONDIAL MEC reserves the right to modify the technical features of the machines without prior notice.


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