Manta JR Basic

Technical Data

150813 MANTA JR BASIC – 45° TESTA FISSA C/INVERTER 400 – 40 2800 Max* 5,5 – 400 3500 60 483X120X115 1050
150803 MANTA JR BASIC 400 – 40 1400** 4 – 400 3500 60 483x120x115 1050
* with inverter for adjusting the disc rpm / ** without inverter
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It is the first of a family of machines designed to cut corners very precisely. Its robust, compact structure and precision slides guarantee exceptional cutting quality. The position of the cutting motor below the work surface means that, in most cases, the shiny part of the material is facing downwards and in contact with the machine surface covered with white rubber. It is equipped with 4 pneumatic pistons for blocking the material, it can cut in both directions with adjustable speed and is equipped with an electromechanical system to interrupt the cuts to the desired size. The inclination of the disc is manually adjustable (+ – 5 °), as is the stop. Equipped with guide protection bellows

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