Husqvarna W 70 P

Phases 1~ Air requirement 180 m³/h. Rated input power 1.85 kW



W 70 P is a powerful industrial wet and slurry vacuum designed for the toughest jobs. This is achieved by using high quality stainless steel components and a special combination of filter and float that protects the motor. Where most wet vacs can only handle water, W 70 P can deal with liquids such as concrete slurry, oils and machining coolants. Recommended for concrete drilling, sawing, grinding and wall/wire sawing. Ingenious solutions make W 70 P easy to work with. Pumping out can take place at the same time as suction. Emptying is carried out via a large bottom valve for simple cleaning. The non-marking wheels are puncture-free and lock at the front.


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