Duss PKX 4 Breaker



Removing plaster and tiles
Chasing grooves and slots
Chiselling work
Cleaning up surfaces
Producing breaches and openings
Precision repair work

Effective vibration damping (VRS)
Pneumatic impact mechanism designed for optimum efficiency
Trigger lock, ensuring non-fatiguing work
Electronic for constant impact rate control
Impact rate and impact force infinitely adjustable with
pushbutton switch/adjusting dial
Chisel can be positioned in twenty ways
Maintenance-free (with lifetime lubrication)

Standard specification: DUSS PKX 4 breaker, D-handle, tube of
grease, carrying case for machine and tools.

Technical Data

PKX 4 A breaker
Rated power 820 W
Machine weight 5.4 kg
Chuck SDS-max
Single impact energy 0 – 8.4 J
Impact rate, adjustable 0 – 3200 impacts/min
Chiselling performance in hard C45/55 concrete with pointed chisel approx. 135 kg/h
Vibration data chiselling – normal setting 7.3 m/s²


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